Research dissemination interview with Dr. Bayes-Genis.

Click below for a 40 minute interview with Dr. Bayes-Genis about the latest findings of the research group (interview in Catalan).

Here, you will go back to 2011 where Dr. Bayes-Genis talked about the cardiac research.


Dr. Bayés Genis interviewed by the ESC Young Community

Dr. Bayés have been interviewed by the ESC Young Community talking about the present and future of science and encouraging the scientists of tomorrow.

Click the link to read the full interview:

Congress of the Spanish Society of Cardiology: SEC 2015

We have participated in the SEC 2015 congress held in Bilbao last week with more than 10 communications.
Santiago Roura, from the ICREC group – Germans Trias i Pujol Institute, participated in the Roundtable on Innovation in Cell Therapy (Science in Practice I) with the talk Fibrin biomatrices for cell transplantation post-myocardial infarction in which he pointed out the developments on the current techniques in cell therapy, which have evolved from the ones based on the administration of suspensions of isolated cells to a more complex and efficient approach based on “managing the cells within matrixes”. Thanks to this method, once implanted on infarcted myocardium, “the cells survive longer and can make a greater therapeutic effect.”
See the piece of news from Diario Médico in the link below (in Spanish).

A calculator that precise risk of heart disease

periodico calc

Researchers from Hospital Germans Trias have developed a diagnostic tool that accurately predicts the risk of death for patients with heart failure. The calculator, called BCN Bio-HF Calculator,  performs prognosis based not only traditional risk variables, as having advanced age, being male or hypertension, but also the concentration three biomarkers in the blood indicating that the muscle heart is suffering.

The calculator has been developed in collaboration with researchers from Institut Hospital del Mar d’Investigacions Mèdiques (IMIM).

Dr. Bayes-Genis and Dr. Lupón  were interviewed by El Periódico.