Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital specialists participate in “La Marató de TV3”

On Sunday 14th took place La Marató de TV3 to raise money for cardiovascular diseases research. Up to now 8.864.016€ were collected.

Several of our cardiologists appeared on TV:

  • Dr. Fina Mauri talked about women and heart diseases (in Catalan).
  • Dr. Xavier Ruyra explaining cardiac surgeons work (in Catalan).
  • Dr. Antoni Bayes-Genis  telling several cardiac diseases and showing which part of the heart was affected (in Catalan).


This event was also covered by Catalunya Radio:

  • Interview between Dr. Bayes-Genis and the president of the Catalan Mass Media Corporation, Brauli Duart (in Catalan).
  • Social gathering between the lawyer Magda Oranich and Dr. Bayes-Genis (in Catalan).