Find out more about the bioimpedance vest for assessing congestion in heart failure patients.

Dr. Bayés was invited to TeleBadalona to talk about the bioimpedance textile vest that has been presented during 2014 cardiology congressess to assess congestion in heart failure patients.

Click here for the interview (in Catalan).


Researcher’s from the iCor team link young men myocardial infarction with cocaine comsumption.

It is important to ask the patient about its consume because the treatment may be different.

Click here for the piece of news of TeleBadalona (in Catalan).

Click here for the piece of news in TV3 (in Catalan, minute 30:25).

Great success at the National Cardiology Congress.

Last week the National Cardiology Congress was held in Santiago de Compostela. Some members of the iCor team presented results at the congress with some of them being highlighted in the press.

Biomarkers have been one of the main focuses of the congress, as explained in this piece of news of the Diario Médico (in Spanish).



Another hot topic was the use of a textile bioimpedance vest to measure congestion in heart failure patients (see a picture of the vest here). It has been highlighted in the following press release of the congress (in Spanish) and explained in the following piece of news:

Click here for the piece of news of Badalona Television (in Catalan).