Xavier Carrillo and Carlo Gatta (UAB-CVC) at TV3 news: a new software to quantify myocardial perfusion damage.

Yesterday, some iCor members appeared  at TV3 news. The reason is the new software that Dr. Carlo Gatta group has created. They have developed a new tool to quantify the myocardial perfusion damage in people who had a heart attack or an angina. Having been validated in 200 patients, it can help improve and speed up diagnosis of the damage, offering a quantitative, repeatable and objective measure of the blood irrigation level of the heart tissue.

You can watch the new  in this link (minute 18:30):

iCor in TV3: software to to quantify the myocardial perfusion damage


Interview with Dr. Bayés on a local radio due to the Day of the Heart (Interview in Catalan).

Dr. Bayés talks about the reductions in the health system budget, the current situation of the heart related health, the Code Infart programme, and the research in Catalonia, in a very interesting interview in La Xarxa. The interview ends with a review to the research done by the ICREC group at the iCor (Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital/Institute).

Watch the interview in Catalan